Custom Dulcimers - Designed for the customer, by the customer

Custom Dulcimers - Designed for the customer, by the customer

I receive questions regularly about dulcimers I have in stock, ready to sell. Yes, I do usually have a couple dulcimers available, but the majority of dulcimers I build are custom designs using the variety of instruments I list in my ETSY Shop as models. 

Over the years I have been building dulcimers, I have found most people want instruments designed with features they can choose, such as wood type, body style, and sound-holes. My listings give the customer the opportunity to select the features they want in their dulcimer, with a view of how their instrument will look. 

I also know the customer wants their dulcimer as quickly as possible, so I continue to maintain a 3-4 week completion time. I also keep the customer involved in the design process by communicating regularly to discuss design features, and shipment dates. Check out my REVIEWS.

Here is a sampling of the numerous sound-hole designs I have available. Plus, I regularly work with the customer to use a new design they have provided.

Custom design Sound-hole choices

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