My Shop, and what I build....

My Shop, and what I build....

My Mountain Dulcimers...

I have surpassed my 200th Dulcimer build, and because most of them have been custom designs, I will use this blog to categorize them into more easily defined model groups that support my ETSY SHOP listings.

I've just added ETSY's Pattern website, replacing my initial blog, so this is the first post in my new ETSY Pattern Blog. What better way to start a blog than to describe just what it is that I build and sell on ETSY.

I build Mountain Dulcimers, Dulcimer Accessories, and Appalachian Flutes, otherwise known as Native American Style Flutes.  I also take the traditional design methods to a new level by offering on-board electric. Here is one of my trademark Dogwood designs, with electric. 

What is a Mountain Dulcimer? In a follow-up post, I'll describe it in detail, but for now, a Mountain Dulcimer is a stringed instrument, usually made from wood, with a guitar-like fret-board, full-length body, and 3-6 strings. A unique characteristic is that the raised fret-board has less frets than a guitar because it is "diatonic", rather than "chromatic". Most of the flats and sharps have been removed leaving just whole-notes. Think of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. It is, a very easy instrument to learn to play.

The dulcimer can take on many design shapes, but the primary shapes are Hour-glass, Tear-Drop, and Eliptical. A great deal of liberty is also taken in the sound-hole designs, offering a great way to "personalize" the instrument. Wood types also offer a very useful design option by taking advantage of different wood tonal qualities for the sound-board, and body. 

Along with my dulcimers, I build accessories such as capos, stands, stools, and building supplies.

My Flutes are also made from wood, usually Eastern Red Cedar, with black walnut, and cherry serving to create very nice sound variations.

That's it for my blog introduction. My follow-up posts will include a description of my primary Dulcimer designs, building processes, materials, and learning resources.

Thanks for visiting my ETSY Blog, and be sure to check out my ETSY "SHOP" Listings. Your questions and comments are welcomed.


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