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My business combines my woodworking skills with my love for history, nature, and music.

Appalachian Flutes & Dulcimers first started in 2002 with an interest in preserving woodcraft commonly made and used by the Settlers, and Natives of Colonial America. Our products include Tools, Toys, and Musical Instruments. Flutes and Mountain Dulcimers are our primary Musical Instruments. Each instrument is accurately tuned, and professionally hand-crafted, to provide the very best in playing enjoyment.

Our raw materials are primarily hardwoods found in the Appalachian Region of the United States. We use only salvaged wood. No live trees are ever cut or damaged to meet our needs. Our preferences are Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Dogwood, Curly Maple, Eastern Red Cedar, and Re-claimed American Chestnut.

Our Dulcimers are Hand-made custom instruments uniquely designed to meet the customer's wishes. We create three basic Dulcimer types, 1) Hour-glass, 2) Tear-drop, and 3) The German Style Scheitholt. Each type also has a mid-size model somewhat smaller in design for special playing needs. And lastly, the customer can choose from a variety of wood types, sound-holes, and fret-boards to meet his or her design requirements.

Although each Dulcimer I build is unique, I can model new instruments to match previously built dulcimers. So, if you like one I have Sold, let me know it's number, ex. Cedar110, and I can build it for you.

Thanks for visiting my shop.

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